Safety for Above Ground Pools – Must Read

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Swimming Pool Safety PicturePeople love swimming pools. They give a reason for rejuvenating for youngsters and adults alike. They can spend an excellent quality time having fun as a family. Pools offer children, exercise; a lot more beneficial thing than spending hours of watching television or playing video games all day.

Above-ground pools have become very popular over last decade. While we talk about enjoyment and fun, it’s worth knowing that a pool can be dangerous, and we read about cases of each year children aged 14 yrs old and even younger drown, many in their backyard pools.

This brings us to the point of swimming pool safety – an extremely important topic.

Start with Training

Invest a bit of money money on swimming lessons for your children. Let the experts give the first hand knowledge of various swimming methods and in-water safety measures and train your children to be water pros themselves.

When your kids are educated and trained with abilities of swimming, they already have life saving skills which can come handy either immediately or during the course of many years.

Simple Ways to Ensure the Safety to Your Above-Ground Pool

Here are several simple ways that will help you keep your pool completely thoroughly clean without a ton of effort.

Get a pool cover

The initial point to note is to keep your above ground pool covered whenever not in use. Yes, a lot of pool covers are very heavy and not an easy task to drag on the pool. Yet, considering the time and work you will have to invest in cleaning, this is relatively easy and simple task for keeping your pool clean.

Pay attention to Chemical Levels

A crucial thing to accomplish is to get yourself a pool test kit to gauge chemical levels and alkaline degree of the water. Keeping the pool clear is a great after-effect of such a kit. Furthermore, replace this package at equal intervals in order to avoid any incorrect readings.

Finally, to boost the cleanliness and safety of the pool, try vacuum the pool almost every day or at-least alternate day. This will avoid the growth of algae.

Lighting is Important

During nights, to avoid accidents in the swimming pool area and also on the deck, as an owner of the pool, you will need to have lights around the entire swimming area and its surroundings. Lighting the swimming pool is very essential for keeping everyone secure and safe while they are swimming in the pool.

Pool lights can be found in many choices of colours, shapes and sizes. Nowadays, pool lamps have gone through advanced technology leaps, which makes them much more simple to install and use. Some lights have switches, so you can turn off the light when it’s not needed.

Additionally, there are pool lights that instantly change the colours for bringing more vibrancy to the water.

Get a Ladder

Many above ground pools (that lack decks) have ladders as a way for getting in. If you are not near the pool, it is best to remove the ladder from the swimming pool and have it placed in another location so children can’t reach the pool alone.

Need help in choosing a good ladder? Here are our recommendations for 5 best above-ground pool ladders.

Pool Fence

If you already have a deck in place, that’s in level with your pool, ensure that you have a good pool fence installed, to help keep young children from wandering into the pool unattended, or from falling off the side of the deck. It is possible to build one yourself once you understand the process.

You might want to contact a fence contractor to ensure the fence is strong and solid. Make use of gates that self-latch, with latches that are more robust than your children’s strength. Make certain that the fence reach four feet high at least.

Ensure that your pool deck comes with a non-slip surface, this alone can ensure that you won’t likely see a fall-related incident. Call your swimming pool fence builder to create the fence as well as the deck, so that it can be strong and sturdy. Needless to say, keep all related phone numbers handy (stick them near the pool deck).

Keep Life Saving Equipment Handy

Life saving equipment ought to be kept near by the pool; directly near the deck. Locate it where one can reach them during an emergency. Don’t allow anyone to play with them or transfer them from away from where they should be kept.

Adopt to Weather – Use Pool Heaters

While less of a safety feature, and more for staying economical, solar pool heaters for above-ground pools are effective tools for collecting the sun’s ray to heat your pool; installation only takes minutes, and the payback in energy savings is as brief as 3-5 years.

The end result is that warmer water equals an extended swim season. And also, energy from sunlight used to warmth this pool will reduce your monthly costs and increase your environmental awareness.