Review of Intex Easy Set 12-Foot by 30-Inch Round Pool Set – Truly Budget Friendly

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We talked about Splash Pool package in our earlier review post, it was a high-end swimming pool package requiring high investment and large backyard space.

What if you don’t have that really big backyard space or even budget to to spare? Is there any pool that can be quickly set-up and used on-demand during summers and stored conveniently anywhere in other seasons?

Good news is, there are above ground pools available for all price brackets and nature of usage (seasonal or permanent).

Intex is leading this space with budget friendly above ground swimming pools. And it would be more than a pleasant surprise to you that the model we are presenting you today in this review costs you less than 100 bucks (at the time of publishing – current price might vary).

So, here is the review of Intex Easy Set 12-Foot by 30-Inch Round Pool Set.

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Intex Easy Set Above Ground Pool

These days, in-house pools can cost around $25,000 till $70,000, making it difficult for the families to enjoy summers (unless they stay in apartments which have common swimming pools).

However, by purchasing the inexpensive Intex easy set (above ground pool) and placing it in your backyard, they can have a really cool and relaxing experience.

The Intex Easy Set 12- Foot by 30- Inch Round Pool Set is a spacious inflatable pool for young kids or small families. Kids love going to the beach and it may upset them if parents are unable to take them there. Parents can now solve this problem and make their kids happy by bringing Intex Easy Set for them.

Design aspects

The Intex Easy Set is 12 feet high in length and 30 inches deep. This pool comes only in round shape and dark blue colour. Product is made up of high quality material that make the pool sturdy. Before assembling, the weight of Easy Set Pool Set is just about 36 pounds; hence, it is easy to carry.

In order to set up the pool conveniently, you need to watch the instructional DVD that comes along with it.

Moreover, you may not require any tools or expert help to set up Intex Easy Set. Intex Easy set comes with 530G Filter Pump as well for free, which can filter the water in just 10 minutes.

Points to Consider

Before you buy Intex Easy Set, you may want to consider these points

  • If you place the pool on an uneven ground and fill it with water then the water may flow outward; therefore, you need to place the Intex Easy Set on flat ground.
  • The Intex Easy Set has the perfect pool size for a family of five. Each individual can easily relax in the pool while laying back and spreading his or her legs.
  • Intex Easy Set is not only highly affordable, but it also highly adjustable even for small backyards.
  • You also need to ensure that the pool makes a true circle. Sometimes, people get lazy and do not place the pool appropriate so when they fill water in the oval shaped pool, most of the water comes out.
  • You need to clean the bottoms of the Intex Easy Set with a dry cloth frequently.

Quick Specifications

Size 12 ft by 30 inch
Shape Circular
Pool Frame Material woven fiberglass
Accessories Filter pump , instructional DVD
Price Band Low

Pros of the Intex Easy Set

  • The best part about Intex Easy Set is that it is simple to set up and takes up to half an hour only.
  • You can leave the pool set intact and disassemble it only when you want to move the pool to a different place.
  • Product has massive water storage capacity and can store up to 1,485 gallons of water in it.
  • Intex Easy Set is very strong and highly durable as it is made up of three different layers of material.

Cons of the Intex Easy Set

  • The filter pump available with Intex Easy Set may not be enough to clean the water and you may require adding chemicals to clean the water.
  • If it is not placed on a levelled surface then it might collapse because of having excessive weight only on one side.

Want to See an installation video? Here it is,

See Full User Reviews, Ratings and Price on Amazon


Though it does have few cons , for the incredibly cheap price you can get your first above ground pool and offer a good pool experience to your family during summer.