Planning to Get an Above Ground Pool Deck? Things You Need to Know

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The expenses of built-in, below ground pools are really high and require expensive construction in your backyard. Rather than going this route, lots of home-owners consider an above-ground swimming pool.

Unfortunately, those high wall spaces might be unattractive and should be hidden to produce a more desirable background retreat.

Deck for above ground pools
a free-standing deck for above-ground pool

The simplest way to do this is by setting up a structure called an above ground pool deck. This will enable you to not merely hide the swimming pool sides, but will enable you to get innovative and perhaps develop a walk-out patio that goes out to your above ground pool.


Pool decks act like traditional decks; those that are put on most homes. Many of these decks are made from wood or metal.

What’s nice about pool decks is they can stand by alone or they could be mounted on another fixture. Pool decks may also come in a multitude of different sizes, and can accommodate many sizes in pools, as a result.

Many pool proprietors have swimming pool decks that circle around their whole pool, while some only have several feet of deck area.

If you are thinking about having a swimming pool deck added to your pool, you have a multitude of options with regards to acquiring one. If you are searching for a swimming pool deck that’s small in size, you may be able to purchase a pre-made one.

Much like pre-made pool houses, pre-made swimming pool decks are built by professional companies and transported to your house for installation.

Advantage Over Ladders

Lots of people use entry ladders to gain access to their above ground pools. However, the ladders will often not offer enough stability and could appear unattractive. In some cases, the entry ladders may also be expensive. Utilizing a pool deck will provide you with some advantages over the entry ladders.

One of these is that it’ll make your pool convenient and swimmers will be able to sit down at the poolside. Please remember to keep a ladder on the inside of your pool, for exits.


Should you choose one of the numerous available ready-made pool deck kits, all of the required components and instructions for set-up will be delivered to your home by truck. You are still in charge of meeting local developing regulations while setting up your brand-new deck.

A pre-made deck can’t really be modified without a large amount of additional work. The pre-made pool decks are often made with coated metal framework beneath and resin decks and railings. These components tend to be more weatherproof than lumber and can offer long years of usage with hardly any maintenance requirements.


Ready made pool decks often range between $800-$3,000 depending on your chosen size criteria. If you feel that is a bit expensive, you can consider building your own deck for much less.


If you feel that ready-made pool decks are too costly for your budget, you may be able to build one yourself. With the correct resources, which often can be acquired from almost all lumber sellers, you can build your own pool deck.

In case you are inexperienced in construction, you might be able to search for free instruction manuals on-line. These instruction manuals give you detailed directions and tips for making your own pool deck.

However, even with an in depth instruction booklet or guide, you may be struggling to build your deck. If this is actually the case, you might want to seek professional carpenter assistance.


No matter how you go about acquiring one, remember that a pool deck brings remarkable beauty to any existing above-ground set-up. They are essential if you wish to get maximum enjoyment out of your swimming pool.