Looking for a Oval Shaped Above-Ground Pool? We Might Have Just Found the Right One for You

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Every individual needs relaxation therapies in his life so that he can rejuvenate his senses and head back to his normal regime. But, it is not necessary that he needs to travel to distant places and undergo tours with his family in order to relieve stress. You can very easily relieve your stress in the vicinity of your garden or lawn.

If you have children at home who are allured towards water and water related activities then you need not take them to the beach or country swimming pool every Sunday, because you can own your very personal mini pool set.

Above-ground pools come in different sizes and shapes. 3 major shapes that are extremely popular are round, rectangular and oval ones.

If you are looking for a oval shaped above-ground pool, then you might have stumbled across a right article. Because, we have picked up an above-ground pool which is a brilliant blend of quality and features.

Presenting you the review of Intex Oval Pool Set (18 Feet by 42 inch)

Intex Metal Pool Set Oval

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Intex Oval Frame Pool set is an 18 by 10 feet pool set (42 inch deep) designed in an oval frame that suits well  especially for outdoor swimming purpose without getting out of the comfort of your house. This pool has an elastic classical shape like, that of a rectangular pool and once installed, can provide easy entertainment for your family members.


Intex Metal Pool Set Oval LadderThe frames of this pool are rust proof and coated and the pool is loaded with snap on locks and joints so that the hassle of joining and buying of extra instruments in removed.

Along with this, the pool comes along with a pump that purifies the water of the pool by filtering all the dirt and debris off it.

This pool is an easy inflatable pool where the person just needs to inflate the pool, fill in water and use it.

The pool being 18 feet into 10 feet in dimensions, comes with a ladder which is used to climb and enter the pool. The ladder is well embedded into the pool and can sustain any weight or pressure being put upon it.

Quick Specifications

Size 18 ft by 42 inch
Shape Circular
Pool Frame Material woven fiberglass
Accessories Filter pump , instructional DVD
Price Band Mid-range

Pros & Cons

The benefits of having this easily usable pool are that it is a one-time investment where the person just invests in the purchasing cost and can enjoy the benefits for the years to come. The pool is affordable, comes handy with a one year warranty and guarantee too.

Other than this, the person is freed from travel expenses to various recreational clubs for the mere purpose of swimming. And the person can also teach swimming tricks to his young children without being worried about swimming teacher fees and membership hassles.

However, there is a precaution (we don’t usually call this as a con) , the pool demands a fair amount of attention and care because, if left in open environment, it can get spoiled. The user needs to clean the filter pump and needs to deflate and cover up the pool in order to protect it from external environment.

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Though we can classify this pool as an mid-range (because of its affordable pricing), it is more spacious than Intex easy set and Intex metal frame pool set, additionally a ladder provided with this model comes very handy. Being very easy to handle, easy to afford, this pool can serve most of the recreational purposes very easily.