How Much you Should Pay for an Above Ground Pool?

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Among the major questions that every shopper of above ground pool has is:

How much moneyHow much should I pay for an above ground pool?

This types of questions are very understandable however they are also very tough to answer. In this article, we’ll do our best to present the cost of a variety of pools so that you will have a better knowledge of what can be your investment when beginning your purchase.

Portable Type above Ground Pools

These set & fill models typically cost you around $100 to $400. They will last anywhere in between 1 to 2 years. Despite the fact that these simple structures are very affordable as well as popular mainly in the US, in several ways, they have hurt the status of this particular industry due to their poor longevity & quality & also the fact that these pools are quite tough to maintain & keep clean.

Due to their very low graded filters & pump, they simply aren’t powerful enough to keep your water clean & clear.

However, if you are experimenting with above ground pools and don’t want to invest more into them initially, then these types of pools would fit your pocket nicely.

Metal Framed Above Ground Pools

Even though the metal quality which is used for the conventional above ground swimming pools could be a huge price driver, many would be costing you $300 to $4,000, which will depend upon the pool size as well as some choices.

Always remember that when you talk about the longevity, aluminium can be much more beneficial as compared to a regular metal. In addition to this, as pool walls are commonly made from the metal, it can be a superb idea if you’ve a panel of stainless steel as a part of the wall in which skimmer & return will be positioned.

This will avoid the corrosion in that region. As a result, you will be able to extend the longevity of your pool’s structure to a great extent. Most of the times, metal pools will last anywhere in between 3 years to 15 years.

For example, this pool from Splash Pools, measuring 30 x 15 feet and comes with various accessories such as a sand filter, resin based ladder, vinyl liner and see-thru-the-wall skimmer. This is a medium range priced product.


While all the conventional above ground swimming pools have metallic walls, polymer & resin ones (top rails & uprights) have struck this market since the past 15 or so years & they’ve had a significant impact on the longevity & aesthetics.

This is since the resin is very unlikely to corrode like metal. Most times, resin models will cost you around $2300 to $12,000 fitted. Resin & Polymer pools typically last for 8 to 20 years.

Important note

The estimation of any above ground pool will have two major components: The first will be the pool kit cost while the next one will be the set-up cost (in case of larger pools)

Depending upon the filter, many will charge anywhere around $500 to $2000 to do a basic setup of the common above ground swimming pool.