Above Ground Pool Cleaner – How to Choose the Right One?

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If you are an owner of a swimming pool or above ground pool, you will first want to know which pool cleaner you should use. Each and every single type of swimming pool will eventually become dirty due to usage, debris and weather. So choosing the right pool cleaner for your swimming pool and picking the good above ground pool cleaner will significantly help to keep them crystal clear and incredibly clean.

A swimming pool can easily be considered one of the most desirable additions to anyone’s garden or backyard. Nevertheless, to keep your swimming pool crystal clear, it will need regular cleaning and also the right supplies and equipment.

While there, unfortunately, isn’t much choice when it comes to choosing suppliers, selecting the right pool cleaner is essential.

You should always be careful and do any necessary homework before committing to buy a pool cleaner. To start, there are automatic and manual pool cleaners available and what you decide to choose depends entirely on how much time you are willing to spend on cleaning your pool, and also how much you are willing to pay for one.

Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Above ground pool cleaners are incredibly similar to those you would typically use to clean an in-ground swimming pool. Although above ground swimming pools are usually smaller in comparison to in-ground pools. They can easily be cleaned with an automatic suction cleaner that can be attached to a skimmer.

A suction vacuum attaches to the swimming pool’s skimmer and sucks away any foreign debris out from the pool and into the attached skimmer basket.

Manual and skimmer vacuums are typically the most common type of above ground pool cleaners. These tools can make cleaning your pool quick and easy. Skimmer brushes and nets are also more frequently used for above ground swimming pools due to their smaller available sizes.

Points to Consider When Purchasing an Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Size of pool

The first factor that you need to consider is the overall size of your pool. If you are an owner of a small pool, you can easily clean it with the use of manual pool cleaners, as smaller pools don’t take much time to clean. Nevertheless, medium-sized or large pools can often take a lot longer to clean so you may wish to consider an automatic pool cleaner.

How efficient is an above ground pool cleaner?

The overall efficiency of a pool cleaner is typically determined by the amount of time that it takes to do its job. Usually, manual cleaners are efficient when it comes to cleaning small pools, but using a manual cleaner to clean a larger pool can often be a time-consuming affair. If you own a larger pool a robotic pool cleaner may be your best solution.

How much does the cleaner depend on your pool’s filtration system?

While a suction side pool cleaner will depend primarily on your pool’s filtration system, pressure side pool cleaners will always come with their own separate filter bag. This means no unnecessary stress on your pool’s filtration system. Robotic pool cleaners also come with their own inbuilt filtration system.

How easy is the cleaner to use?

The robotic pool cleaner is known to be one of the easiest to use, as it requires minimal work from you. All you need to do is gently lower the robotic cleaner into your pool than simply switch it on. It will gradually begin to scrape out any dirt and grime from the floor and walls of your swimming pool.

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