5 Must Have Above Ground Swimming Pool Accessories

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Getting a swimming pool for the home is an important decision. The first aspect to consider is whether to buy an above ground or an in-ground pool.

Though many prefer to have in-ground pools, there are many benefits to purchasing above ground pool. One of the greatest factors that involve an above ground pool is the convenience. These are ready to install and set up without the need to perform any complex digging in the backyard.

In fact, the ease of installation is such that it may be possible to do it on your own rather than hiring professionals. But, again having the right pool accessories in that case becomes important.

Why Right Accessories are Important?

When someone without prior knowledge about above ground swimming pool accessories think about them, then things like dive toys and rafts come to mind. But, pool owners and enthusiasts will know that the key pool accessories are pumps, filters, heaters, and automatic vacuums. Filters and pumps keep the pool running, while automatic vacuums make cleaning so much easier.

Solar blankets and heaters take the swimming experience to an absolutely new level altogether. These are increasingly becoming getting featured on an above ground pool owner’s must-have list.

5 Must-have Accessories for Your new Above Ground Pool

While there are numerous accessories you would need for your pool, we are listing out 5 must have ones.

1. Pumps

Above Ground Pool Swiming Pump
Above Ground Pool Swiming Pump

These aren’t quite interchangeable when it comes to a swimming pool. Pumps such as Hayward PowerFlo Matrix are designed for pools above the ground. Pumps are versatile; just a touch of a button and they can be converted from horizontal to vertical discharge.

The use of strainer basket aids in collecting large amount of debris without the need for continued maintenance. Connection and disconnection is quick, which makes intake and discharge easier. It enables naïve owners to maintain their pools easily.

2. Filters

Above Ground Pool Filter Pump
Above Ground Pool Filter Pump

Fillers makes swimming pleasurable while keeping pond water clean. The Pro Series Hayward filters induce into the latest technology, the standard for above ground swimming pools. Water flow is absolutely smooth and so is the backwashing process.

Filters are made of corrosion proof polymeric material. They have self-cleaning 36-degree slotted laterals that simply reduce maintenance. The control valve induces into simple operation as well as maximum efficiency and features seven positions.

3. Ladders

Above Ground Pool Ladder
Above Ground Pool Ladder

Swimming pool ladders are essential parts that provide a way to enter and exit a pool. These are of various types and come in variety of materials which includes vinyl, plastic, aluminum, resin, and stainless steel. In-ground swimming pools do not require a ladder of more than 5-steps.

That of course depends on the depth of the water and placement of ladder. Smaller children have trouble climbing larger pool ladder. Make sure that the pool ladder is secure at both ends so to prevent injuries. A deck might just reduce the number of steps needed to enter the pool.

4. Pool covers

Above Ground Pool CoverIf you have an in-ground swimming pool, you might just want to consider covering it. There are four choices of swimming pool covers – solar, winter, leaf-net, and safety swimming pool covers.

5. Pool Slides

Above Ground Pool Slider
Above Ground Pool Slider

Super fun pool slide provides all the fun and excitement so you can make the most of the pool season. The perfect in-ground swimming pool slides are of various heights, with most of them between three feet and eight feet high.

Other in-ground swimming pool accessories include solar blankets and pool heaters. Whatever may be the accessories in the list, make sure they are of the highest quality. It is recommended that you purchase reliable brand accessories that experts in the industry recommend. Once the essential accessories are equipped, owners can be reassured of its performance.


It would add a little more expense on your pocket to procure above swimming pool accessories, however, considering the safety measures and for maintaining better hygiene , investing in these basic accessories would pay itself in the long run.